Project Book Babe online book auction now open!!

Starting Monday, March 30, after 6:00 P.M. (MST), items will be available for online bids at Ebay. You can reach eligible items in the sidebar of each page at The sidebar says Ebay auctions and then beneath that in red is a list of the auctions that are available for bidding. Each item will be available for seven days only, so be sure to bid quickly! Check back each Monday and Thursday after 6:00 PM (MST) for new listings.

It looks like they will be putting items up a few at a time so be sure and check back often :)


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A couple months ago, my younger sister Faith was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is in treatment and seems to be responding well. She is far too young to be going through this but is facing it with the same determination and sense of humor that gets her through everything else.

Faith has been in the book business for a number of years. She has worked mainly as a young adult book buyer and overall "book pimp" for the authors and titles she really loves (including some you might recognize). In doing so she has become well respected and made a lot of great friendships and contacts within the industry.
Several of these authors have joined forces and put together a live event and an on-line book auction to help raise money to help her with all the bills. They have dubbed it "project book babe" and have created a website where the online auction will be held -

I don't know when the auction will begin but will alert you once I know. In the meantime, check out the website and see some of the items that will be auctioned as well as what some of these people have to say about her!! She is truly amazing and I'm not just saying that as her big sister Smile

PLEASE let it be Wednesday!!!

Everytime I see a yes on 8 bumper sticker or ad I want to throw something. It is bigotry pure and simple. How can people think it is ok to legislate bigotry of any kind?? Talk about a slippery slope... Just the thought of it passing makes me sick.

Oh, and don't get me started on the McCain/Palin stickers. At this point even the Obama/Biden ones are getting in my nerves. Maybe it's because I haven't been "undecided" for months... I just want it OVER!!!!

Mad Ninja Skills

Whew!! I just dodged a bullet that I didn’t even see coming.


Since last December I have been working exclusively on one account at this ad agency. I have been the media specialist on a four person team out here in the client’s regional office (HQ for both agency and client are in Ft. Lauderdale). The client is an automotive one so you can imagine the financial situation… but since our region was WAY understaffed, we all figured we were ok. Nope! Yesterday afternoon they told us that the two account supervisors are being laid off. In addition I found out that the client is no longer going to be paying for my services.


How do I still have a job? Well, apparently two media people in our main FL office recently quit. They are very happy with the job that I have done so the powers-that-be lobbied to keep me on as a “remote” media person. They are going to adjust my work load to include other clients and other markets. That also means that I will no longer be based in this client’s offices so I will be getting an office set up at home. I will still be doing some work for this client and will likely be in here one or two days a week but the majority of the time I will be working from home. *no commute dance of joy*


Shortly after I left my last job, they had company-wide lay-offs and the only reason one of my friends kept their job was because I had quit. Now the universe has seen fit to return the favor. Someone else quitting means I get to keep my job.  I am also incredibly grateful to those who lobbied to keep me here. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!! I’m thinking positive that things will keep looking good.


Clients are cutting expenses all over the place so any extra positive thoughts you can send my way would be appreciated.

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Ok, so after much prodding and poking from a couple friends, I have finally joined tribe. Damn the peer pressure!

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 FAIRE STARTS TOMORROW and I can't wait!!!!!   *happy dance*

All the changes seem to have invigorated me for some reason and I really can't wait to see them in action. A big part of it may be that I am in a much happier place this year. I have a new job that I really enjoy and I'm no longer spending 3 hours a day on the freeway so I am WAY less stressed. I also feel like I'm getting my mojo back. I'm feeling better about myself which means that I am looking better. AH! It is good to be back! 

To all my fellow performers out there - break a leg! I will see you in the streets. 

Is it time yet??